Depression that’s, what is killing us.

Depression that’s, what is killing us. What I have been feeling lately is the urge to be sad, I always look for a reason to be sad, and if I don’t have the reason for it I just continue feeling sad and if someone ask I would tell them its how it is. What is depression?
No one for sure knows but how neurons in brain they communicate is by exchanging chemicals and when some of these chemicals becomes out of balance specially Serotonin that is when depression happens in other words when Serotonin and other neurotransmitter lose their balance , brain neurons can’t communicate with ease.
What to do?
Stay positive, think of projects and goals that you have in life, if you don’t have goal create short term and long term goals, so anytime you feel down, think about fight the feeling by focusing on your goal.
Your goal can be learning a new thing ,becoming better at your job or relationships.
Avoid listening to sad music. It’s true that sad music calms your down but it prolongs your recovery from depression, having said that I am not saying go to disco or club, instead listen to a calm music.
Think about all the good things God has given you on your life. A good job, a loving wife, a beautiful home and sufficient income, so what else do you want?

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