These are the list of our writers you will see around here…

Ali EsfahaniAli Esfahani

Ali started persianimmigrants.com with the passion to help Persian immigrants to more easily enculturate in the western world. His passion is to help other Persian Iranians deal with their daily issues in various areas. Ali got his masters in Computer Science from USC class year of 2005 and enjoys any type meat lovers food , ice cream and French fries and Ghorme Sabzi. His hobbies are Internet, computer, watching movie and following news about the motherland.

Mitra OridibeheshtMitra Ordibehesht

Mitra helps Ali administer and serves as the co-editor of
Persionimmigrants.com. She is a bilingual linguist and interested about
exploring different cultures specifically Middle Eastern culture She migrated to United States in Jan 2006. Her favorite hobby is spending time with family and friends. She works as a tutor who teaches Farsi to non-native speakers of Farsi.

Esmail Yourdshahian

Esmail Yourshahian was born in 1955 in Urmia, Iran. He grew up in a cultural family and completed his education in the field of culture and civilization. Now he is working as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Urmia. He has published several books of poetry and novels as well as some cultural and sociological works. (visit http://www.yourdshahian.com/)

Parisa GolshaniParisa Golshani

Parisa serves as the chief contributor of persianimmigrants.com. She migrated to United States in August 2001. She is a freelance painter. Parsia got her Master in studio Art from Tehran University. Parisa likes to spend her free to explore the nature and reading books. She is a great fan of vegetarians.

Borzo JavedanBorzo Javedan

Borzoo Javdan is a cultural counselor. He dedicates his time providing cultural supports for new immigrants. Borzoo has been living in U.S. for ten years. He majors in English literature. Borzoo enjoys hiking, surf boarding and hanging out with friends.


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